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Myringoplasty Myringoplasty is a surgical procedure, where the doctors will use a graft to reconstruct the hole. The procedure will help in preventing infections and will also improve hearing which might have got affected due to the perforation.It is a surgical treatment to repair or reconstruct any perforation/hole in the eardrum or tympanic membrane.

How is it detected?

  • At times patient may not know that his/her eardrum has been effected, because in case of or hole there is not total loss of hearing.
  • It can be detected during regular check-ups or in case of chronic discharge from the ear with pain.

What is the mechanism for the surgery?

  • The doctor treats the perforation by using a graft. The surgery can be conducted through ear canal or by making a very small incision.
  • Myringoplasty is a minor surgery and can be performed under local anaesthesia.
  • A doctor may go for a general anaethesia if the procedure is to be performed on a child or on a patient with any other health issues.

Dangers of the surgery:

  • The surgery is totally safe and any post-operative complication is usually rare.
  • However, in rare cases patient may catch infections and bleeding may also occur.
  • The other risks can be graft failure, hearing loss, taste disturbance, facial palsy, dizziness or tinnitus.





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