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  • Ear is one of the essential senses for us.
  • Any deformity or ailment can result in permanent warp if not treated on time or properly. At BLK, we assure you timely and effective treatment.
  • Stapedotomy is a surgical procedure conducted to improve hearing of a patient.

What is Stapes?

  • Stapes or Stapes footplate is a small part in the ear and an important part in making a person hear properly.
  • Usually the Stapes footplate is a flexible bone but in certain patients it becomes fixated resulting in partial hear loss.

What are the causes of fixated Stapes footplate?

  • The Stapes footplate can be fixated by birth due to malformation or may become fixated due to abnormal mineralization of the temporal bone.

What is the Stapedotomy mechanism involves?

  • The Stapedotomy is carried out surgically.
  • It is a minimal invasive surgery wherein a tiny incision is made in the stapes footplate through micro drill or laser after which the doctor places prosthesis.
  • The implant helps in the movement of the stapes footplate.





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